A Step in the right direction – The BC Energy Step Code Explained

Since 2008, the Province of British Columbia made energy efficiency a BC Building Code objective. In 2017, BC committed to reaching net-zero energy-ready by 2032. To help achieve this goal, the province established the BC Energy Step Code.

The BC Energy Step Code went into effect on December 15th, 2017. As the name implies, the Step is an Energy code intended to modernize the province’s buildings while creating better environmental outcomes through reduced energy consumption. There are recommendations for specific materials and processes, although they are only recommendations currently. The step code itself is more concerned with the overall efficiency of the building.

Although going green will benefit the future, you and your builder will need to weigh the pros and cons of going above and beyond the step code. Your home and your money mean your decision. DW Builders use products that our community can be proud of. We are happy to go through your options and talk about potential possibilities for transitioning into a net zero.

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