DW Builders in Partnership with the City of Kamloops

DW Builders is proud to have been in partnership with the City of Kamloops for several years. We have worked alongside the city to complete many successful upgrades and new additions to our community. Some of these projects include the Canada Games Aquatic Centre, Kamloops Centre for Water Quality, Kamloops Museum and Archives, and the Sandman Centre Upgrades.

One of the significant outcomes of being awarded a civic project is the engagement it generates within the community. Civic projects often involve the participation of residents, organizations, and businesses, encouraging collaboration and shared responsibility. Through engaging citizens, these projects empower communities, instil a sense of ownership, and foster a deeper connection to public spaces.

In an era of rapid urbanization, being awarded a civic project presents an opportunity to promote sustainable urban growth. By focusing on sustainable design, energy efficiency, and carbon footprint reduction, civic projects can contribute to the creation of eco-friendly urban spaces. Furthermore, they can help raise awareness about sustainable practices, encouraging individuals and organizations to adopt more environmentally friendly behaviours into their day-to-day lives.

Currently, DW is working on multiple civic projects around Kamloops. You may see us at the Kamloops Museum and Archives completing a front desk renovation, Firehall #3 in Valleyview updating our firefighter’s dormitory, along with upgrades at Hillside Cemetery’s Mausoleum.

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