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Home Hardware Professional Profile: Meet Wayne Wittal from Kamloops, British Columbia

“REPUTATION, QUALITY AND LOYALTY” These are the keywords that have made DW Builders one of the most successful builders in Kamloops.

In a world obsessed with social media, entrepreneur Wayne Wittal doesn’t get caught up in the game. “We don’t pay much attention to social media,” he says. “Most of our business comes from word of mouth and returning customers.”

The new president of DW Builders in Kamloops, B.C., says his focus is on “reputation, quality and loyalty.” That’s what Wayne’s father, Doug, who founded the company in 1980, has always focused on. Doug retired last September, as did his business partner, Mark Paulson. So this is a changing of the guard at DW Builders, with no change in business or attention to quality in any way.

“We let our product speak for itself,” says Wayne. The company is also versatile, bringing top-notch expertise to light commercial projects, custom home construction and renovations.

How does DW determine the good business opportunities in these three rather different areas? The market decides, says Wayne. “Last year (2022) was very hectic and we worked on a lot of custom-designed houses. In other years, depending on the market, we mostly did commercial projects.”

DW Builders has an ongoing contract with the Municipality of Kamloops for civic works projects. “We worked on their buildings, swimming pools and the airport. DW recently won the Thompson-Okanagan Commercial Building Award for his work at the Canadian Flight Center in Kamloops.” […]

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